Escape Rooms for Schools


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online escape room for kids with learningBrain Chase is an online escape room that incorporates learning, virtual escape rooms, decoder tools and the ability to compete against others in a global competition.  Students will love exploring the escape rooms for hidden clues and using the decoder tools to find answers to continue in the challenge.  Each escape room challenge will have a location to discover and students, classes or schools can compete against each other to be the first to find the correct location.  The Leader Map shows guesses, so students can see their answer in relation to everyone else’s.

Our escape room challenge is more than just a game. Students explore virtual museums and educational websites to find clues for their mission and in the process, they learn too!


We offer 2 options:

  • Our escape room challenge with elective learning – students pick from photography, engineering, cooking, art, music, math, fitness and more.  Students don’t move forward in the escape rooms until they finish their learning. It’s a great incentive to encourage students to learn!
  • Our escape room challenge without any additional elective learning. Students compete to solve the mystery of how to escape and in the process they learn when they visit virtual museums, explore websites and more.

The escape rooms are great for ages 8 – 18. The elective learning is best suited for ages 8-14.  Contact us for information on elective learning for high school students.

Escape Room Pricing – Per Semester

online escape room for families and kidsWe now offer school-wide platform pricing for our escape room challenge. The pricing is the same with or without any additional elective learning!  Teachers/Classes can be on different campuses or locations.

  • Platform License for 1-5 teachers – $500, includes 1 decoder per teacher.
  • Platform License for 6-15 teachers – $1000 includes 1 decoder per teacher.
  • Platform License for 16-25 teachers – $2000 includes 1 decoder per teacher.
  • Please contact us for a price quote for 25+ teachers.
  • Additional decoder tools can be purchased through our online store. Virtual decoders are available in the student dashboard.

Each school-wide license allows for a competition among your classes/and or schools, payment via Purchase Order or Check and access to the clues and location in order to help students who get stuck.  Your teachers will also be able to grade their students’ work of any elective learning.

Fall Semester will include Sept – December monthly escape rooms. Spring Semester will include January – April monthly escape rooms. You can adjust the schedule if needed. Please contact us on pricing to participate in our Summer Treasure Hunt!

Elective Topics

If you want to include elective learning in your challenge, the following electives are available:

  • Reading
  • Math
  • Art
  • Cooking
  • Photography
  • Engineering
  • Music Practice
  • Yoga
  • Fitness
  • Study Hall
  • Creative Writing
  • Rosetta Stone, Coding, Typing and Entrepreneurship are available at an additional fee.

How Schools Can Use Brain Chase

Brain Chase is ideal for schools to:

  • Use as part of the classroom as part of the curriculum or as enrichment.
  • Use as an after-school program.
  • Use as part of a gifted and talented program.
  • Create a sense of community AND foster competition when classes or schools compete against each other.

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