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Turn your after school enrichment program into a team sport for kids.



Download the brochure for teachers here.

Team Registrations

Another Brain Chase adventure is right around the corner, and the Grayson Academy of Antiquities is currently accepting both individual and group registrations. To enroll as an individual, simply click on the registration page and follow the instructions. Registering as part of a team is just as simple – only be sure to type the name of the team you’re joining in the text field when prompted. Don’t know your team name? Talk to the Guide (usually a parent or teacher) who’s assembling the crew.


Finding a Guide

We’re looking for adventurous guides who are willing to lead students on an amazing adventure. Know of any parents or teachers who are up to the challenge? Email us at for information about becoming a Brain Chase guide or referring someone you know.


Competing as a Team

Adventure loves company, and completing Brain Chase in teams is just like completing Brain Chase on your own – only bigger. The work is still personalized, and every student in the club needs to pull his or her own weight with the academics. But the Bonus Challenges and Treasure Hunt now become a team effort! Your club will only be allowed one guess about the treasure’s location every 24 hours, so that means you’ll need to decipher, deliberate, and strategize as a team. ¬†And since you’re matching wits against teams all over the country, you’ll need to make every guess count!


Winning as a Team

If your club is the first to guess the treasure’s location within a two-mile radius (and if everyone on your team completes the learning challenge), you will win a $20,000 travel stipend to journey to the treasure’s location and dig it up… together. Have money left over? Divide it up as a team.


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Questions? Email us today at And may the best team win!