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“I LOVE BRAIN CHASE!!! I get to participate in a real life adventure just like Nancy Drew. I love all the really fun bonus projects… I enjoy the videos and feel really close to the characters.”


“It is fun and you learn without even realizing it (sort of). Plus, you get to pick where the treasure is everyday and that’s always exciting!”

“So far Braincase is like spice of our summer time :)”

“Brain Chase is super fun, gives me something productive to do in the summertime, and I want to hear more about Mae Merriweather and her adventures.”

“The whole world loves it.”

“I love opening the letters and finding cool stuff and I love the games and all the fun stuff. I love to do the bonus I love brain chase!”

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“Thank you for Brain Chase. It is quickly becoming a highlight of our kid’s childhood. This is truly education done right.”

“My kids love it. Can’t get enough of it. Your nefarious plan to trick kids into doing school work over the summer is working to perfection!”

“…Seriously, this is the coolest at-home summer learning program :)”

Brain Chase truly was what we needed this summer, in so many ways.  I just want to personally thank you for putting this together.  Though our children did not find the treasure, we know that the knowledge gained was worth so much more.  We look forward to seeing what you come up with for next year.”   

“We’ll definitely be back – well done, Brainchase! I just wish every child could do this.

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“I am a teacher, and have always searched for a way to make summer learning fun and engaging for my children…With Brain Chase this summer, it was just enough to challenge my kids and keep their skills sharp, while still allowing us to have the freedom we desired in our daily activities.  Both kids say that they “absolutely!” want to do this again next summer!


“Brain Chase has been a wonderful company to work with!  The technology that Brain Chase uses is phenomenal and the animation and story lines are captivating.

Most importantly, Brain Chase cares about their kids. One of my favorite things about Brain Chase was the personalized feedback that students got on every assignment the submitted.  For some…, Brain Chase was the most exciting part of their day.”


“The academic challenges truly engaged and challenged my students in a way that no other program could have done…I believe the most valuable lesson my students learned was to strive for something that felt was so out of their reach…As the weeks went on and they saw themselves getting closer and closer to their goals, you could see a difference in their drive. They were so engaged and so very excited for each challenge they encountered. Thank you so much for this opportunity! It was a challenge, but I truly enjoyed being a part of your program!”


“The most important thing about my experience with Brain Chase was the involvement of my students in teamwork and problem solving. The students were excited to get new clues and talk about what they meant together. They took the time to think through and discuss what they were seeing and look more deeply for hidden clues. Many unlikely leaders emerged and there were many kids that pressed on because it was so exciting to think they may find a hidden treasure…Thanks Brain Chase, I’m glad I got to be a part of this wonderful opportunity!”