Rosetta Stone Foreign Language Challenge

Use Brain Chase to boost your foreign language skills. Choose from over 30 different languages in the award-winning Rosetta Stone platform.


rosetta-stone-logoThe Rosetta Stone Foreign Language Challenge lets students select one of 30 different languages┬áto study during the Brain Chase program in the summer. Each week, students will click into their Rosetta Stone account and listen, read, speak, and repeat using Rosetta’s immersive technology. You will be amazed at their progress! Brain Chase automatically tracks active┬ástudy time on the Student Dashboard.



  • Full access to Rosetta Stone, the world’s leading foreign language software program
  • All levels of study available, from beginning to intermediate to advanced
  • Time-based program requirements allow students to move entirely at their own pace


  • Students MUST have a good microphone to complete this challenge. See technical requirements for more information
  • Switching languages is not allowed after the Warm-up Week. Students will need to select a language and stick with it for the duration of the program
  • Available only during the Summer Treasure Hunt


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