A Rewarding Summer Writing Program for Kids

writing challengeWriting is a critical part of staying smart over the summer. That’s why weekly journaling plays a big role in the Brain Chase summer learning challenge and is a key to unlocking exclusive animated episodes containing clues to the location of a golden treasure.

Summer 2015 Brain Chase begins at 9am Eastern on June 22, 2015. All adventurers must submit one high-quality online journal entry each week. Your Brain Chase student dashboard will give you a weekly prompt, such as to write a paragraph about whether you’d rather explore the Egyptian pyramids or a deserted island. You will be given a minimum word count based on your grade level. Type your response, edit it carefully, and then submit it through your Brain Chase dashboard.



Meet the 2014 Brain Chase Online Writing Instructors


A certified teacher in the United States will review each submission. If it’s good enough, you’ll pass on to the next stage of the challenge. Otherwise, the teacher will give you feedback and ask you to resubmit. Successfully pass the writing challenge each week, and you’re done with the writing part of the five-week quest.

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