Choose Your Escape Challenge



Escape from Mt. Everest

Was George Mallory really the first to summit Mt. Everest? To find out, we’ll need to recover his missing camera – and live to tell the tale! Learn more about the earth’s tallest mountain, the basics of orienteering, and some of history’s bravest adventurers.





The Tomb of Nefertari

Journey to Egypt in a perilous quest to recover the missing Senet board of Queen Nefertari! You’ll travel from a ransacked archive room to the busy streets of Cairo, then deep into the tombs of Egypt’s ancient rulers. It’s a race against time to escape with the prize!





The Diary of Jane Austen

Did Jane Austen really carry on a forbidden romance with Jedediah Grayson? The answer lies hidden with a missing manuscript, and only Austen’s personal diary will help you locate it. To solve the mystery, become familiar with the life, times, and works of one of the world’s best-respected authors.





Escape from the Smithsonian

Dinosaurs, gemstones, and whales… oh my! This race through one of America’s most treasured museums will put your scientific knowledge to the test. Will you escape and catch the bad guys?





The Ivory Queen

A missing chess piece. A mysterious coffee shop. A jungle full of perilous traps. To find the prize, you’ll need to learn about the rules and history of chess, and match wits for some of the world’s best players.





The Quill of Beethoven

Whatever happened to the quill that penned Ode to Joy? Time to become an expert on Beethoven, his works, his contemporaries, and his instruments.






The Sword of Agamemnon

An ancient rivalry between famed adventurer Tate Grayson and fellow explorer Heinrich Shliemann leads to the disappearance of a priceless artifact. It’s time to put the past to rest – but to do so, you’ll need to brush up on the Olympics, Greek mythology, and many more Greek contributions to the world.





Lost in the Library

How familiar are you with the Dewey Decimal System? What research tools are available at your local libraries? It’s time to find out, because you’ve just been locked inside – and to escape, you’ll need to learn.  (This is one of the Brain Chase favorites!)





The Plymouth Cornucopia

A missing cornucopia may hide clues to the historical details surrounding America’s first Thanksgiving Holiday! But to find the cornucopia, you’ll need to solve some mysteries around Plymouth Plantation, the Mayflower, and its intrepid crew.





The Crutch of Tiny Tim

Celebrate the holidays in the winter wonderland of London with a search for the missing crutch of a famous fictional character… (or was he fictional?). You’ll learn about Charles Dickens, his works, and his literary inspirations as you race through gorgeous locations to solve this yuletide mystery.





Escape from the Louvre

Let’s get to Paris! Some thugs have invaded the Louvre and absconded with a priceless artifact. Your mission: learn enough about the works, the museum, and art history to escape their nefarious traps!





The Skeleton Key of Houdini

Our spookiest Escape Room yet! You’ll battle ghosts, goblins, fortune-tellers, and more… but are they real, or are they just elaborate tricks from a master magician? You’ll need to learn more about the great Houdini in order to find out.





Shackleton’s Antarctic Adventure

Retrace the bold steps of one of history’s greatest real-life adventurers. Shckelton’s Adventure will take you to the islands and icebergs of Antarctica, and then on a plunge to the Ocean’s floor. Bundle up – this search for a priceless artifact is as perilous as the original journey!





The Megalodon’s Tooth

This marine biology-themed puzzle is not for the faint of heart! Get ready to take the plunge on a dive through the surface, past the Sunlit Zone, and into the Midnight Zone of the world’s oceans. You’ll learn about some terrifying creatures as you search for the giant tooth of a prehistoric megalodon.





The Thanksgiving Heirloom

A priceless family heirloom has gone missing over Thanksgiving weekend! But be careful as you’re searching the busy kitchen, the fancy dining room, and the festive living room for clues to the treasure’s whereabouts – you won’t want to disrupt the magical feeling of this holiday wonderland.





The Jamaican Abeng

Queen Nanny, a Jamaican hero, was famous for defending her people against slave traders and marauders. When her Abeng – a horn used to sound the alarm against attackers – goes missing, it’s up to you to search the islands and retrieve it. You’ll learn about Jamaican history, a notorious sunken city, and Queen Nanny herself as you embark on this island adventure.





The Telescope of  Galileo

Get your telescopes out! Galileo’s telescope has been stolen. To find it, you’ll need to learn more about this famous astronomer, navigate his home of Italy, and even search the stars themselves!





Blackbeard’s Plunder

A mysterious pirate ship as appeared near the Bermuda Triangle – and it might contain clues to the location of Blackbeard’s Treasure! You’ll hit the high seas, explore abandoned islands, and brave a boobytrapped grotto in search of the gold. Properly warned ye be, says I.







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