Sahuarita Unified School District uses Brain Chase to meet remote-learning needs for summer & school year (2020)

“[Our] 21st Century Community Learning grant stipulated that we had to provide summer school for our students. Our school, like most, had gone totally online for the fourth quarter of last school year. [My colleague] and I were going crazy looking online for some type of Summer program that would be educational and fun at the same time. We knew getting students interested in doing something online, after being online for nine weeks, was a challenge.

[My colleague] found the Brain Chase website, and as they say the rest was history…The students loved it and so did the teachers. 

All of us learned so much from each of the Escape rooms. The virtual tour of the Smithsonian was fantastic! We passed out supplies for cooking, art, and gardening. Students enjoyed cooking and sharing the dishes with their families. We were truly amazed by the vegetable plants the students were growing and they were so proud of their plants. Students learned how to do Yoga and Martial Arts. We loved all the pictures that students were taking and sharing with us.

The teachers, parents, and students were so happy with the Brain Chase program, and students did not want it to end!

Our new school year started the same way the old one ended, and we again had to offer online services for our 21st Century Excel 2 program. After having such wonderful success with the Brain Chase Summer Camp, we decided that Brain Chase was the only thing we wanted to do at this time. We are still enjoying it and learning new things.

Brain Chase is a wonderful program that is created for us to meet the needs of our students by providing educational activities that are challenging and fun at the same time. Thank you for being so flexible and tailoring Brain Chase to meet our needs.”

-Gail T. (Science Instructor, Sahuarita Unified School District, AZ)



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