2020 – 2021 Escape Room Tournament Standings


Congratulations to our first 10 November 2020 Winners:

  1. Eliana Ward
  2. Duncan and Roland Lawrence
  3. Will Adamson
  4. Lisa Dommert
  5. Maddie Zemann
  6. Shellenberger Family
  7. Riley Stonecliffe
  8. Emalee Fox
  9. Lydia Hurst
  10. Alexander Russo


And our first 10 December 2020 Winners:

  1. Asa Clingerman
  2. Claire Havenstein
  3. Reid Curry
  4. Natasha Manuel
  5. Audrey Han
  6. Carter Sanders
  7. Jacob Grady
  8. Chris, Cat, and Dan Ayers
  9. Hudson Rudden
  10. Ry Perelman


(Please note – several families on the November list were also among the first to solve the December puzzle – but we’re only listing the NEW families that are joining the list to advance. These repeat winners are definitely to be feared in the tournament!).

These twenty families, along with the first 10 winners each from January, February, and March, will automatically advance to the semi-final round in Spring 2021 (details forthcoming). Five families will then be invited to the Escape Room Finals (location TBD, pending covid19 safety!) to participate in a live escape room challenge with some serious cash prizes.

Congratulations, everyone!