Brain Chase Sample Challenge: Engineering

Brain Chase offers over a dozen different electives in subjects ranging from math and reading to cooking and art. Some challenges link to online programs like Khan Academy or Rosetta Stone, and many others require you to log off and get your hands dirty.

Students complete four elective challenges each week to advance through the Brain Chase summer and after-school programs. Ready to try one out? Follow the steps below to complete a sample Engineering challenge:




Step 1: WATCH – Click on the video above to watch Ms. Brooklyn create a feat of engineering using common household materials.

Step 2: BUILD – Grab some spaghetti and tape (or marshmallows!), and get to work! See how tall you can build your tower, and how much weight it can support.

Step 3: REFLECT – Snap a picture of your creation, and jot down your findings. Did different shapes give you different results? What else did you discover?

Step 4: SUBMIT – (Brain Chase participants can now click “SUBMIT” to send their photo and findings to the Brain Chase headquarters. Here are some sample submissions. Brain Chase engineers will review the submission and provide personalized feedback and encouragement. If more work is needed, they’ll give specific instructions and ask you to resubmit. But if everything looks in order, you’ll advance in the program!)

Step 5: UNLOCK – (One each academic challenge is completed for the week, you’ll automatically unlock the next animated episode in the series, and hopefully uncover a new batch of clues to the location of the buried treasure!)


Good luck, Adventurers!