Challenge Terms & Conditions – Monthly Escape Rooms

Welcome To The Brain Chase Monthly Escape Room Challenges!        


When you click “I AGREE” to enroll in one or more Monthly Brain Chase Escape Room Challenges (the “Challenges”), you agree to be bound by these Challenge Terms and, as applicable, the Official Challenge Contest Rules (linked below) as of that date (the “Effective Date”).  These Challenge Terms are “Supplemental Terms” as defined in our Terms of Service, which is incorporated herein. The Terms of Service, our Privacy PolicyOfficial Challenge Contest Rules, and any other documents we refer to therein (together, the “Agreement”), constitute the entire agreement between the parties relating to this Challenge.  When we refer to a “child” in this Agreement, we mean a child end user that meets the requirements described below and who enrolls in the Challenge. The term “you” means a parent or legal guardian of the child who agrees to this Agreement on behalf of the child.

1.    The Challenges.

The Challenges are 4-week Escape Room puzzles designed to provide supplemental learning for students and families.

2.   Challenge Contest and Conditions to Eligibility.

If a participant meets certain eligibility requirements set forth in the Official Challenge Contest Rules, the participant may be able to participate in Monthly Brain Chase Escape Room Challenge Contests (“Challenge Contests”). Challenge Contests are online Escape Room puzzles. As part of the Challenge Contests, participants can unlock clues to an online puzzle. Based on these clues, participants will attempt to correctly solve a puzzle by clicking on a map located at In order to win the “Prize” described in our Official Challenge Contest Rules, a participant must be the first to correctly pinpoint the location of the solution within a 2-mile radius, successfully complete the Escape Room Puzzle, and agree to Supplemental Terms, including the “Duties of the Winner” as described in our Official Challenge Contest Rules.

3.   Enrolling in the Challenge and Participating in the Challenge Contest

In order for children or adults to enroll in the Challenge, you as the parent must (a) create an account in accordance with our Terms of Service, (b) pay all applicable Enrollment Fees (described below), and (c) agree on behalf of your child(ren) to abide by this Agreement, including any applicable Supplemental Terms.  Additionally, if you wish for your child to participate in the Challenge Contest, you must also agree to the Official Challenge Contest Rules that, among other things, govern your child’s participation in and our administration of the Challenge (including eligibility requirements, requirements to win and receive our Prize, and additional duties of children participating in the Challenge Contest). Bulk registrations must also pay Enrollment Fees, agree on the students’ behalf to abide by this Agreement, and follow the Challenge Contest Rules.                                                                                                                     

4.   Fees and Payment. 

In order for a participant to enroll in the Challenge and participate in the Challenge Contest, you agree to pay us an enrollment fee (“Enrollment Fee”) of at least $49 (or more if you select a more-inclusive package). Prices may vary depending on promotions we may be running or group rates. If the participant is a resident of any location where participation in the Challenge Contest is not permitted under the Official Challenge Contest Rules, the participant may still enroll in the Challenge for general educational purposes only. You hereby authorize Brain Chase to charge the credit card (or other electronic payment method) on file for the applicable Enrollment Fees in advance of the participant enrolling in any Challenge. We do not accept checks or money orders.  All Enrollment Fees are due and payable in U.S. dollars, non-refundable and are exclusive of applicable sales, excise, use or similar taxes. You must pay all such taxes directly or to us, as required by applicable law.  Should any Enrollment Fees not be paid when due, Brain Chase may (at its discretion and in addition to other remedies it may have) terminate your participation in the Challenge.