The Chase Begins

Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Brains

The Brain Chase Summer Learning Challenge is finally here, and the first clues are live. Log in with the student’s username and password to begin. Or view video tutorials, written instructions, and participation tips below:


Watch the Student Dashboard Tutorial

Experience a walkthrough of the complete first week of the Summer Learning Challenge:


View the Math Tutorial: How to Sync Your Energy Points With Khan Academy

Follow the process carefully to make sure you get credit for your work:


View the Reading Tutorial: How to Sync Your Minutes With myOn

Be sure to close your book after each session to make sure myOn registers your reading time:


Dashboard Instructions

  1. View the first episode of Brain Chase Season One: The Globe of Magellan
  2. Complete the weekly Challenges:
    • Click on the Reading, Writing, Math, and Bonus Challenge icons for complete instructions
    • By completing each Challenge, you will unlock the second animated episode of the adventure
  3. Locate the Treasure:
    • Watch and re-watch each of the animated episodes for hidden clues to the treasure’s location
    • Check the Brain Chase Facebook page for additional tips and hints
    • Click on “Find the Treasure”
    • Use the interactive map to pinpoint the location where you think the Globe of Magellan is buried
    • Click on the map, then click “Submit”
  4. Repeat
    • Each week will follow the same format: watch one video, complete the challenges, unlock another video
    • You are allowed one guess about the treasure’s location every 24 hours. Plan your guesses carefully!


A Few Tips

  • Make sure you refresh your energy points on each week’s Math Challenge before diving in to Khan Academy. This will make sure you always get credit for the energy points you earn.
  • Don’t work ahead – it won’t work! Complete all of your work one week at a time. Even if you log 60,000 Khan Academy energy points in the first week, you’ll still have to earn 10,000 points each of the remaining weeks. Feel free to keep learning, but don’t plan on earning “extra credit” in the process.
  • Complete the writing challenge first. It may take up to 24 hours for Brain Chase writing instructors to review your work. You don’t want this to keep you from unlocking the next animated episode. Do the writing challenge early each week.
  • Check our Facebook page regularly for tips on hidden clues in the videos, survey results, and participant stats.
  • If you fall behind, dive right back in! You’re not the only one logging off for adventure this summer. Log back in, and don’t give up!
  • Please help us out by participating in our weekly surveys. This is our first season, and we’d love to hear what’s working well and where we can improve.
  • Registration closes on Friday, July 18. Feel free to share the adventure with your friends – they can always catch up with the group.


Please reach out with any questions to