Code Combat Coding Challenge

Brain Chase has teamed up with CodeCombat to bring your children the chance to learn coding in a fun and innovative way.


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We know there are a lot of computer whizzes out there who need a chance to develop their skills. Each week, students will log into their Code Combat account and complete assignments as they learn different coding languages through exciting games and interactive activities.

Your kids will love the chance to develop these skills, which are quickly becoming a crucial part of everyday life in this computer-driven world.


PROGRAM BENEFITS:code combat logo

  • Students have the option to learn several different coding languages.
  • Little parental interaction needed.


  • Must have a computer to complete work. Cannot be done a mobile device.
  • Must have WiFi access.
  • Available only during the Summer Treasure Hunt.


For more information about the Code Combat CodingĀ Challenge, email us atĀ