Corporate Team-Building or Training

We’d love to bring a Brain Chase Adventure to your group!  Not only do we do treasure hunts and escape rooms for kids, we offer adults the same puzzles and fun – just on a harder level.  With any Brain Chase Adventure, you will get cool tools like our custom decoder rings, Vignere cypher decoder, compasses, coded coins and more.  We’ve been featured in the NY Times, Fast Company, HGTV among others for our summer treasure hunt and our development team includes Harvacorporate escape room, decoder ring, team-building, leadership games, treasure huntrd grads and professional film animators.

Some of the ways you can customize your Brain Chase Adventure:

Pair learning with our virtual escape rooms – Need a creative way to get your employees to learn about a new vision or existing process?  Perhaps you have the training but just need a fun way to deliver it?  We will build your online adventure so that employees have to complete certain learning objectives in order to unlock the escape rooms.

Create team-building with a Team Challenge – Want to do something different for your Leadership Retreat or Executive Planning Session? Teams will be given challenges to complete in order to unlock a virtual escape room.  The escape rooms have hidden clues that have to be pieced together in order to know how to escape. The winner is the first team to escape. You will all have to work together and use our decoder and cypher tools along the way.

Plan a Corporate Treasure Hunt – Want to give your employees the ultimate in experiences?  Pair any of the above with a treasure hunt! We will bury your treasure and create a puzzle that will build teamwork and employee morale.


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