Edible Education Cooking

Brain Chase is proud to partner with Virginia-based Edible Education to deliver a hands-on, virtual summer and after-school cooking program for kids.

cooking collage

Chef Ann from Edible Education is a master of preparing simple, healthy, and delicious recipes.¬†With each challenge, students BC cooking 3will watch Ann (or another chef) prepare a delicious dish. They’ll then download the recipe and follow along.

Once each cooking project is complete, students will take a digital photograph of themselves with their delectable dish and upload their photo to the Cooking Challenge page. They will also have the opportunity to write a few words to describe their experience and explain what they whipped up. Online food critics from Brain Chase will then review each student’s submission and respond with personalized feedback within 24 hours.

In addition to needing a digital camera each week, students will be asked to track down simple recipe materials to complete each assignment.

Summer 2022 Cooking Supplies:

Each week, your adventurer will be given a new cooking project to complete. The supplies they will need are listed here:




  • Program instructs students in safe food preparation, nutrition, and cleaning up
  • Participating students will likely¬†be more helpful in the kitchen at home
  • Instant tasty treats once each challenge is completed


  • Preparation required; while most ingredients can be readily found around the home, extra grocery store trips are likely
  • Parent/guardian supervision necessary to prevent cuts and burns
  • Requires kitchen and kitchen equipment; not recommended for students participating only in a classroom environment


Questions? email us at info@brainchase.com.