Instructions for Using Rosetta Stone



Nothing can jump-start an adventure quite like learning a foreign language. That’s why Brain Chase is proud to offer over 30 different Rosetta Stone languages as part of the Summer Learning Challenge. Here are a few tips to make sure your language study is successful:

  • Things to Know Before Logging In:

    • You can only select your foreign language when you set up your Brain Chase student account. While you will absolutely have the freedom to skip from lesson to lesson within the program, you will not be allowed to switch languages once the Chase begins.
    • The Rosetta Stone program requires you to have an internal or external microphone with your device. Most devices now have adequate microphones built-in, although USB microphones are recommended. If you do not have an internal or USB microphone, please select the writing challenge instead of the language program, because Rosetta Stone will not work for you.
  • Getting Started:

    • Click the language challenge icon on your Student Dashboard to visit your Brain Chase language challenge page.
    • Next, follow the instructions by clicking the green “LINK TO ROSETTA STONE” button to access your personal Rosetta Stone landing site.
    • The first time you visit the landing site, we recommend checking your system readiness by clicking the “First Time Users” link and following the directions provided. Once your system checks out, return to “Home” and select “Launch Rosetta Stone Language Lessons Version 3.” This launches the Rosetta Stone application. If your system doesn’t check out, please click here.
    • Now you’ll be asked to select a level of difficulty for your language study. If you are a beginner, please select number 1. More advanced students can select a higher number for more challenging content. Don’t worry about selecting the wrong level – you’ll always be able to adjust once you’re in the program.
    • Next, you’ll see a series of small squares representing the different lessons available for study. We recommend starting at the beginning of the unit and working chronologically, but feel free to begin wherever you are comfortable.
    • Finally, it’s time to set up your microphone. If you have an external headset, make sure it’s properly plugged in. Then, allow the software to detect your microphone, and select it from the drop-down menu. Now follow the instructions to set up your mic. Note – you will not be able to continue until your microphone is properly set up. Having trouble? Follow this link for more detailed instructions.
    • Now you’re ready to dive in to the language program.
  • Receiving Credit For Your Work

    • Brain Chase requires you to complete over 75 minutes of language study each week in order to advance through the program. But there’s no requirement around the level of difficulty you select, when or where you study, or how long you work during each session. Feel free to take breaks when necessary – you can always return to the language challenge later.
    • Rosetta Stone tracks the amount of time you spend actively engaged in language study. To see how you’re progressing toward your weekly goal, return to the Brain Chase language challenge page and click the blue REFRESH button. Your minutes will automatically update in the green status bar at the top of the page.
    • Please note: while Rosetta Stone accurately tracks all of your learning time, the program only communicates time to the Brain Chase account in 6-minute intervals. In other words, your status bar will only display your progress in multiples of six (6 minutes, 12 minutes, 18 minutes, and so on). So don’t worry if you’ve worked for a few minutes and the status bar doesn’t properly reflect the time you’ve spent. Just keep working a few minutes more, and you’ll see your time jump forward. Again, none of your minutes will be lost, so even if you work for 5 minutes and then log out, your status bar will jump up by 6 minutes the next time you log in and complete one minute of work.
    • Anything unclear? Click this link to visit our FAQs or to contact Team Brain Chase directly.