Introducing Brain Chase

Join the International Adventures for K-12 Students and Their Families  

Brain Chase began in 2014 as a home summer learning program for K-12 students, but we’ve expanded into schools, family game nights, after-school programs, gifted and talented challenges, custom educational competitions, corporate marketing engagements, New Year’s Resolution challenges, turnkey summer camp kits, and much more.


At our core, we’re a gamification company; we find world-class challenges in subjects ranging from art to zoology (we love partnering with CodeCombat, TypingClub, and others!) and wrap them up in massive global escape rooms, treasure hunts, whodunnits, and other puzzles. We’ll also throw in a few decoder rings, animated adventures, and lots of trips around the world just for fun.


Whether you’re trying to get ahead during the summer, catch up with math, entertain a hostile crowd of geniuses, or join the hunt for some buried prize money, Brain Chase is probably for you.


Let us know how we can help.