Junior Art Challenge

Looking to develop your artistic side? Brain Chase Junior’s virtual, hands-on art course is for you! 


BC art 4

Students who select the Brain Chase Junior Art Challenge will spend time with artistic genius James Thorpe (and others) in webisodes that demonstrate different artistic projects. Participants will then create art of their own and refine those artistic skills.

Once their masterpiece is complete, students will be asked to take a digital photograph of their creations and upload the photo to the Junior Art Challenge page. They will also have the opportunity to write a few words to describe their experience and explain what they created. The Brain Chase team will then review each student’s submission and respond with encouraging feedback within about 24 hours.

In addition to needing access to a digital camera each week, students will be asked to track down simple materials to complete each assignment. Here is a list of supplies needed so you can gather the necessary materials all at once.

Summer 2022 Junior Art Supplies: 

Each week, your adventurer will be given a new art project to complete. The supplies they will need are listed here:



melted crayon boy


  • Provides balance to other academic electives.
  • Participants will have many wonderful creations at the end of the program


  • Preparation required; most supplies can be found around the home or classroom, but some shopping might be necessary (see supply list above)
  • Art can occasionally be messy! Adult supervision is recommended
  • Students must wait for teacher feedback and approval before challenges are completed (up to 24 hrs)


For more information about supply requirements for the Brain Chase Junior Art Challenge email us at info@brainchase.com.