Junior Gardening

Have a green thumb?


Looking for an elective that will get your kids outside and away from the computer? Introducing Brain Chase Junior: Gardening! We have found a great selection of projects to help your kids start and maintain a garden. Whether it’s flowers or veggies, in a planter box or on an acre plot, your students will love getting their hands dirty.

Summer 2022 Junior Gardening Supplies: 

Each week, your adventurer will be given a new gardening project. The supplies needed for each gardening project are listed below:


  • Students will learn how to plan, plant, and maintain gardens of all types.
  • Students will be exposed to fresh air and sunshine!
  • Students will learn the importance of patience and work.


  • Results will vary and take time.
  • Will need access to seeds and gardening tools.
  • Parental help may be needed for our younger Brain Chase gardeners.
  • Available only during the Summer Treasure Hunt (for now!)


For more information about our Brain Chase Junior Gardening elective, email us at info@brainchase.com.