We Just Registered for Brain Chase. Join Us.

sunstone screen grab

We just signed up for the biggest treasure hunt of the summer – the chase for the Sunstone of Cortés.

That means we’ll be staying sharp by doing five weeks of reading, writing, math, geography, history, science, and foreign languages this summer. It means we’ll be getting decoder rings, sundials, and mystery projects in the mail. It means we’ll be unlocking new episodes of an original animated mystery series each week featuring the fearless Mae Merriweather. It means that we’ll be searching for hidden clues to the location of the real buried treasure.

And if we’re the first to pinpoint its location on the Brain Chase map, it means we’ll also get on a plane, collect the golden trophy, and unlock a $10,000 scholarship.

Adventure loves company. Won’t you join us?     Click Here to Join the Chase