Brain Chase Math

Whether you’re a calculus prodigy or you could use a little help with subtraction, we can help you catch up, stay sharp, or zoom ahead in math during the summer or after school.


We encourage our students to improve their math by using their personal Khan Academy account.  At first log in, Brain Chase adventurers will adjust the curriculum to their level. From there, students can select any math skill and get to work completing practice exercises. Brain Chase tracks the points you earn in Khan Academy so you get credit for your work.


PROGRAM BENEFITS:Brainchase-kids on computers-1

  • Students can select any math topics and go entirely at their own pace
  • Point-based system rewards student effort on different problems
  • Rich video resources provide instruction, not just practice


  • Because we are not an official partner of Khan Academy, students must log into Brain Chase, then log in again to Khan Academy. This extra step can occasionally create syncing issues, but there are simple solutions.


NOTE: Khan Academy is not a partner of Brain Chase and does not endorse this program. All Khan Academy content is available for free at

For more information about the Brain Chase Math Challenge, email us at