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“I LOVE BRAIN CHASE!!! I get to participate in a real life adventure just like Nancy Drew. I love all the really fun bonus projects… I enjoy the videos and feel really close to the characters.”


“It is fun and you learn without even realizing it (sort of). Plus, you get to pick where the treasure is everyday and that’s always exciting!”

“So far Braincase is like spice of our summer time :)”

“Brain Chase is super fun, gives me something productive to do in the summertime, and I want to hear more about Mae Merriweather and her adventures.”

“The whole world loves it.”

“I love opening the letters and finding cool stuff and I love the games and all the fun stuff. I love to do the bonus I love brain chase!”


“It’s fun and the characters are very motivating”

“Brain Chase is awesome!”

“It’s cool!”

“Everything about it is fun. The experience the hard work and the treasure hunt.”

“I think it’s really fun and it is teaching me lots of things like math.”

“It is so much fun and it helps throughout the summer”

“It’s interesting.”

“This a fun online program that not just leads you to find the treasure but also get ready for the next school year.”

“It is fun and educational at the same time!”

“It is fun and keeps your brain working over the summer!”

“It helps you learn in the summer.”

“Because it is awesome and really fun.”

“Brain Chase is a fun way to keep up with your school work.”

“It’s fun and I want to not get left behind next time”

“I want another shot at the treasure.”

“It is a good learning activity. Plus it’s fun”

“It is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun!”

“BECAUSE IT’S SO DANG FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!”


“I can be capable of getting the Globe of Magellan”

“I can keep up on my school work while having fun.”

“I am learning and having fun.”

“Having another chance to do this would be life changing…I am always on the edge of my seat.”

“Really keeps me at my level so I can’t forget anything”

“It is a lot of fun and you get cool things.”

“I would like to do brain chase next year because I don’t have to do summer bridge and it is also fun.”

“I really like the way it is set up. I think it is a fun way to work with the treasure hunt for a goal. Even if I don’t get the treasure I would still do it because it really does help me keep track of my work and how much I need to do.”

“It keeps me busy during the summer and its fun to do and work on!It’s also very motivating for the 10,000 dollar scholarship, because I really want to go to duke and I would like to get a scholarship. I am really smart and work really hard so this helps me so I still know what I’m doing when I go into seventh grade! Thanks for the experience”

“It is really fun and it makes me want to do it, like, more than anything.”



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