Online Learning

Online learning is a disruptive innovation that’s changing the way the world learns, and for good reason. Technology allows students to learn at their own pace and move on only once they’ve mastered the content. It’s fueling a personalized-learning revolution. Millions of students are turning to online learning for tutoring, to access advanced courses, or to catch up if they’ve fallen behind. They’re also finding that online learning can help them get ahead over the summer.

Brain Chase is a summer learning challenge—disguised as a massive treasure hunt—that uses online learning to help students in grades 2?8 stay smart over the summer. Brain Chase motivates students to dive into just enough reading, writing, math, and projects each week for six weeks to keep them sharp. This equates to roughly an hour a day of high-impact summer learning, to offset the negative effect of a long summer break from school.

Brain Chase harnesses the power of online learning to close the opportunity gap and provide a high-quality summer learning experience for all. In his best-selling book One Room Schoolhouse, Sal Khan talks about how online learning can help every child access a world-class education. Brain Chase is unlocking that vision for summertime.

The first Brain Chase begins at 9am Eastern on June 30, 2014. Register here.