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94 per cent

“Thank you for Brain Chase. It is quickly becoming a highlight of our kid’s childhood. This is truly education done right.”


“My kids love it. Can’t get enough of it. Your nefarious plan to trick kids into doing school work over the summer is working to perfection!”


Brain Chase truly was what we needed this summer, in so many ways.  I just want to personally thank you for putting this together.  Though our children did not find the treasure, we know that the knowledge gained was worth so much more.  We look forward to seeing what you come up with for next year.”   


“I really think your program is such a wonderful idea. Seriously, my 7 year old skipped playing with a friend today so she could start the Chase! And she did her writing work without batting an eye today- that has NEVER happened.  I hope it is a great success for you. I am happy to be in on it your 1st year and wish my enthusiasm could be contagious.


“We’ll definitely be back – well done, Brainchase! I just wish every child could do this.


“We are loving brain chase, and my sister’s kids are too. So impressed! My son loves to check how many points he is earning and how close he is to getting a check on his dashboard to show that he has completed his reading, writing, and math missions. The bonus decoding last week was awesome, too. The clues in the videos are over his head, but he still likes to watch them. Seriously, this is the coolest at-home summer learning program 🙂


“Our little guys love Brain Chase. LOVE. Quote from last night: ‘But I don’t want to go to Lagoon until I finish my Brain Chase.'”


“This was the perfect summer option for my son because he has Type 1 Diabetes. Sending him to a day camp without someone who knows how to care for a diabetic is not an option. He was able to learn and have fun at home where we can make sure he stays healthy. He loved everything about it. Thank you!!!”


“If you had Brain Chase for adults . . . I would never sleep. So, PLEASE . . . do not make Brain Chase for adults! 😉 Our 4 year old watched all of the videos and read along with ALL of the books that his older brothers were watching and reading. He would really enjoy having something of his own to do too! Maybe Brain Chase could be a new HOME SCHOOL option! Ha!”


“We really enjoyed it and it gave us a reason to spend time together over the summer and break the boredom. Between this and theatre, I did not hear the word “bored” this summer. YEA.”


“Loved it. I am really excited to see how much my daughter grew – especially in the math portion. The writing was difficult for her. She has never typed, and she was frustrated trying to type it out. That being said, by the end, she was much faster and stopped complaining about it.”


“We just wanted to let you know that we have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the brain chase this summer! Our children have loved everything about it! The learning tools are fantastic and the treasure hunt has proven to been quite challenging for all of us! We’ve loved watching them learn new things and improve academically. Hopefully this will put them ahead of the class as they enter a new school year. I’m sure we’ll be hearing throughout the year, “Hey! I know this! I already learned it on brain chase!” Thank you for adding a new element of fun to our summer. You have really made learning fun and we look forward to joining the chase again next year! ”


“We had considered sending our girls to a few weeks of summer school to help them retain what they had studied in school this year, but Brain Chase turned out to be a much better option.  It is fun, flexible, stimulating and even exciting.  Knowing that there is a real treasure to find when their studies are complete gives them so much motivation to continue.  Brain Chase helped to make our summer focused on learning and discovery, and as a mother, I am thrilled about that!”


“Great experience so far with Brain Chase!”


Best Summer Learning Program we have tried (3rd yr purchasing additional summer learning … tutor etc) Mom just had a hard time not diving in and letting it be her child who did the discovery, just too exciting!”


“It was well put together and very high quality.”


 “I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the ease of use of the website, the various online resources you encourage the kids to use, the quality of the videos and the depth and breadth of the clues and hints…  One aspect of the program I enjoyed as a mother was that once the kids were registered and set up, their homework could be done autonomously.  I didn’t feel like I needed to be a part of their weekly work, and it was just enough to keep them learning and engaged, but not too much to overwhelm or bore them.  We also really appreciated the teacher feedback on the writing submissions.  My kids were very interested in how the teachers responded.  That felt like a great, traditional education addition to online learning.”


“… we are ridiculously obsessed with finding the globe.  We are so close and are happy to get new clues each day.  I really am excited to see where you have buried the treasure and see how close we got to guessing it.  I admit that I am anxious for the coordinates to be guessed so we can go back to our normal lives and not stay up until the wee hours of the morning researching and mapping.  It has been a very fun project to work on as a family and my girls are learning valuable research skills.  Unfortunately, the cleanliness of the house and our normal routine are suffering. 🙂  You can take that as a compliment.”


“Brainchase has been a wonderful summer activity for our 8 yr old. She can’t wait for the video so she can then get going on her reading, math and writing. The partners are excellent! I especially love the way Khan Academy teaches math and reinforces lessons learned.”


“my kids are thrilled with BC. It has been the best learning tool, bar none, to keep my kids engaged this summer! I wish it were 8 weeks! Have you ever considered doing some sort of reduced program during the school year? I think BC is brilliant! :)”


“Brain Chase thankfully allowed my 17yo special needs (Asperger’s) student participate this summer. She LOVED every minute of it and can’t wait to do it again. She wishes it were all year long! Thanks for a great product.”


“Just our oldest child is eligible to do Brain Chase this summer but our 2 younger children have been with her every step of the way. They are just as excited when she unlocks a new video and are asking when they can do their own Brain Chase!


“I think that the program overall is going to challenge the way we think about education and the role of our school/teachers.”


“I have always had to push my kids to do any sort of summer learning. Being a teacher myself, I know the importance of keeping their skills sharp during the long summer months. Not so with Brain Chase! These kids wake up each morning and are already working on the days learning…without me even having to say a word! We all love watching the videos, searching for that one little clue we missed….and then trying to piece it together with what we already know. It has our children’s attention….and they are truly being challenged to think outside the box in terms of the treasure hunt! Great job!”


“I had two boys, ages 6 and 8, doing the chase this summer and they loved it. I got a bit too excited about it myself and had to back off so as not to squash their enthusiasm. They like seeing how far they were progressing in Math and liked the writing feedback. I really appreciated the specific, encouraging comments from the teacher. It was more writing feedback than they get during the school year! Thank you for a wonderful addition to our summer and I really hope this becomes an annual event so we can participate every year. Thank you!”


“Congratulations on a phenomenally fun first season. We loved it and cannot wait to participate again. Great work to your creative teams who put together such a terrific collection of quality-made artifacts and interesting mystery elements.”


“Thanks for doing this. I’ve been very impressed and it’s been super helpful as I struggle to take care of four kids all by myself all summer long.” 


“Geez, you guys are really good at this treasure hunt business!!! This experience is like living the best adventure story written; or perhaps more like living the best adventure story as it is being written. Oh, the wonderful stories that must be unfolding for each participant because of Brain Chase. I love it. I have never had this much fun! Up to this point we’ve already ‘won’ so much from this treasure hunt. When all is said and done, regardless of who finds the Globe of Magellan, the hunt itself will become a treasured memory for us. In addition to academic growth for our kids, we’ve gained an extraordinary, energetic, meaningful family experience.  Part of me wants the globe to not be found for a while yet, because the journey is so tremendously rewarding. The other, driven part of me wants it found! So onward we go, sleuthing and guessing, deciphering and navigating, never being certain of our guesses, and so very much enjoying the thrill of the hunt!”


“Thank you for all your hard work. It really was a great experience.”


Amazing program. I was particularly impressed with the detailed writing comments from the teachers.”


“We loved having daily tasks to fulfill. My son functions best on a schedule/routine and brain chase gave us a way to keep him learning all summer. He knew the daily tasks were expected and it quickly became habit – a habit he enjoyed as he mastered skills and learned new things. The adventure portion of the hunt was a huge part of what made it a success for us. The best part of the hunt were the hidden codes in the videos and the tangible items he could hold in his hands to solve them. Truly a genius way to keep kids engaged and learning!!! We absolutely loved brain chase and continue to sing it’s praises to everyone. Even our 5 year old and 3 year old would gather around to watch the newest video with their brother. Thank you from our whole family for a truly wonderful summer!”


“My kids have fourteen post-it notes stuck together with various scribblings of clues from the videos. They are loving the adventure and motivated by the hunt!”


“The first week of the challenge I kind of had to really force him to get into the work.  By week 3, he is begging to “do Brainchase”.  He flies through the math and reading, and doesn’t even fight me on the writing, which was a struggle the first week. You’ve got something here.  My reluctant boy loves this program, and asked if it was still going to be going on during school.  Also, the feedback from the teachers on the writing assignments has been fantastic.  They are so encouraging, and he remembers their advice when he is working on the next writing assignment.  I asked him how he felt after he read their feedback, and he smiled and told me he was really proud.  Thank you for creating such a great program!


“It was worth more than the cost. Thank you very much for planning and offering such a great program. Best wishes until next summer!”


“My children really loved Brain Chase. I loved how enthusiastic they were about participating! They spent at least 2 hours a day engaged in learning activities and trying to catch all the clues. Really wonderful program! Also, customer service was absolutely excellent. We had a few small issues at the beginning and response time was very short and BC kindly worked through all issues with us. Thank you for a great summer!”


“One of my daughter’s favorite things was getting mail from Brain Chase. The touches of special envelopes, ribbons, etc. were awesome. It made it look authentic and special. We really like that. My favorite part about Brain Chase is bonding with my daughter when we spend time researching things that might help us solve clues. It’s fun to see her have an insight or find something in the videos that I completely missed.”


“I love this program! Our sons love following the videos and doing the bonus challenges. We only have one son enrolled this year, but his younger brother is just as engaged in those parts of the program. They love an adventure! The son that is enrolled also looks forward to getting his packages in the mail… These incentives really do work to get my son motivated to do the math, reading and writing over the summer. I am thrilled that I don’t have to push him to complete the assignments because he looks forward to getting the videos unlocked at the end of the week. He is really hoping to be the one who gets to travel to dig up the globe! My happiest moment with the program was when my son was eagerly looking forward to receiving teacher feedback on his first writing assignment. He was proud of what he had written and to have affirmation from a teacher was important to him. The teacher feedback was very encouraging and highlighted his creativity. The constructive portion of the feedback was instructive, a bit humorous and not critical at all. For a child who doesn’t like to write and doesn’t believe he’s any good at it, the supportive comments made his eyes water a little and put a huge smile on his face. What more could a parent want!


“Our family is fairly dispersed, especially in summer – so we take some time to meet virtually each week to watch the video together and chat about interesting things. It has already spurred discussion about our next vacation…


“We loved it and are sad that it’s over!


“So far, one of the most exciting moments was when my son and I were reviewing the week 3 bonus challenge. We realized that we needed the compass to solve the challenge, and my son noted that we did not have the compass yet. I commented, “Well, check the mailbox.” Wouldn’t you know it, that’s exactly what he did, and there was the compass envelope right there in the mailbox! The objects coming through the mail has been such a magical bridge between this mental journey and the need for objects from a physical world. This has truly been a great adventure, and my son has loved it!


“I love all the bonus challenges–they have been great, and the stuff they get in the mail–so awesome! The kids love the whole mystery around it!”


We loved it!”


“The animation is very enjoyable. My daughter even commented on the soundtrack on one video, noting how it sounded like adventure music and how she really liked it. She also commented on how much she liked the look of the dashboard, how organized it was. She feels like it gives her a good idea of where she is. I like it, too.


“It’s a class act 🙂


“Thank you for making this such a fun and unique experience!”


“We are loving Brain Chase! The notes and packages in the mail make it really special and exciting. We just received our magic seeds in the mail yesterday and it totally blew our minds! My son is so motivated to unlock the 2nd video each week he is eager to complete his work. Trying to figure out where the Globe might be buried has captivated our whole family – we are in full on detective mode all the time! As homeschoolers, we participate in a variety of programs (both local an online) and I have to say, Brain Chase is in a class by itself.”


We loved it. My kids fought over who would get to do it first!”



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