Past Brain Chase Winners

Congratulations to all of our Grand Prize Winners! Together, we’ve circled the globe and rescued several priceless artifacts. Will you be next?



Meet Tristan M., and his sister Charlotte, of Novato, CA. Tristan recently unearthed the Mask of Tomoe Gozen in Fairbanks, Alaska, where he had the chance to hold sled dog puppies, visit an ice museum and explore America’s Last Frontier. Click here to see how he figured out where we hid the mask this time!



SUMMER 2016Brainchase-Norway-14

Abby Hurst from Riverside, CA, was the first to locate the Mask of Tomoe Gozen, buried in Asker, Norway. While in Norway, Abby had the chance to take a Norwegian music class, attend a dance festival, get a bird’s-eye view of the city from the top of a ski jump, and explore the North Sea.  Click here to see how she found the treasure.




SPRING 2016Brainchase-New Orleans-4055

Briggs Dommert and his family from Atlanta, Georgia were the first to find the Globe of Magellan during the Spring 2016 chase. Watch them journey to the Big Easy to claim the treasure, and click here to see how they solved the puzzle.




SUMMER 2015Brainchase-2015-1448

Ashton and Jessica Detwiler from Portland, Oregon rest after unearthing the Sunstone of Cortés. Wondering how they solved the riddle? Take a look or read about it here. Watch Ashton and his mom dig up the real treasure in Fuji City, Japan.





SUMMER 2014image (4)

Grayson Engler and his older brother Jack from Austin, Texas were the first to pinpoint the location of the mysterious Globe of Magellan in Llivia, Spain, during our Summer 2014 semester.  Find out how they cracked it by watching the video below or reading this blog post. Watch the boys dig up the real Globe of Magellan on the French/Spanish border.




NOTE: Each semester contains an entirely new and unique treasure hunt. While the story line, animations and buried treasure may be repeated, all clues embedded in the animations, the riddle and treasure location are entirely new every semester. Spring 2016 semester will rerelease the Globe of Magellan and Fall 2016 semester will rerelease the Sunstone of Cortez, but all treasure hunts will be entirely new.