Science Showcase

NEW for 2022! Brain Chase partnered with TeacherGeek for this brand new elective!



Hands-on engineering has never been more fun than in this brand-new elective, powered by TeacherGeek! Used by hundreds of thousands of kids across the world, TeacherGeek is renowned in classrooms for its immersive scenarios, science labs, and engineering challenges. In fact, the best science teachers in the country have awarded TeacherGeek with the Presidential Awardees’ Product of Excellence Award… twice.

Each week, your adventurer will be given a new engineering problem to solve and the tools to complete their project. The supplies you’ll need will be shipped right to your door, no need for extra trips to the store. They can then choose to submit their creations to the weekly showcase and compete for prizes to be awarded by the TeacherGeek judges.



  • Hands-on projects and experiments
  • Encourages creative problem-solving
  • Great for STEM programs
  • A fun way to learn engineering basics
  • All supplies provided


  • This is a PREMIUM elective and comes with an upcharge


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