ShalomLearning: Warm-up Email

Dear Adventurer,

Welcome to ShalomLearning’s Escape Room: A Jewish Adventure. You can start playing at your own pace through April 1, 2020.   To play, navigate to the URL:

 Enter the following:


PASSWORD: Password

In addition to the Warm Up Week, there will be four music-themed rooms. Plan for

  • One hour to “crack the code” (a.k.a. figure out the password)
  • One hour to complete the three challenges (small projects).

You need to complete the three challenges, and we need to approve them before you can enter the room’s password. We monitor submissions every few hours Sunday – Thursday 10am – 6 pm Eastern and Fridays 10am – 3pm Eastern.

Some challenges require additional materials such as paper, writing utensils, recording devices (phones), siddurim and other supplies.  In the Concert Hall room, one challenge asks you to gather one set of the following items for each team:

Cereal Box             Cotton Swabs

Newspaper Aluminum Foil

Deck of Cards Poster Board

Linguini Straws

Cotton Balls Paper plate

You can use other items for this challenge. We recommend having the same items for each team and preparing them before the players get to the challenge.

In the Warm-Up room, students will be exploring popular Israeli music.  Please preview the videos in the Discover challenge to be sure they are appropriate for all your players.

This link provides detailed instructions. The first page provides a list of tips for getting started. The following pages are spoilers.

You can always email us at: