ShalomLearning: Week One Email

Have you escaped from the Warm Up Room?  The Concert Hall is now ready for you to explore!

Get ready to learn about musical instruments and Psalm 150! You will go deep into an abandoned concert hall to examine instrument pieces included in a well known psalm. Remember to click on the phone and follow Mae’s instructions. If you get stuck, click on the magnifying glass, click the ‘I need a hint’ link on your Escape page, or email us with any questions. Good luck!

Supply List for the Concert Hall Challenges:

Gather the following items for a team project(one set for each team):

Cereal Box
Deck of Cards
Cotton Balls
Cotton Swabs
Aluminum Foil
Poster Board
Paper Plate


Be sure to have your siddur handy


Weekly Tip: Remember the artifact. It’s not enough to simply progress from room to room – you need to keep looking for clues to the location of Miriam’s Timbrel! You can submit a new guess every 24 hours on the map page.