Spring 2020 Alternate Activities

We’re in quarantine right now, and don’t have access to supplies!

What do we do?

Here is a list of art, cooking, and engineering challenges you can do in place of the required activities. If you choose to do one of these, follow the same uploading process, indicating what challenge you’ve done instead of the required one. Good luck, adventurer!


Collage –

Supplies needed: poster board or paper, pictures from old magazines (with parental approval), fabric (optional), glue (Elmer’s or Rubber Cement), butter knife (optional)


Crayon Stained Glass –

Supplies needed: crayons (without paper and broken pieces work great), wax paper, clothes iron (parental supervision), string (optional)


Tin Foil Sculptures –

Supplies needed: tin foil, objects to use as a form (optional)


Air Painting –

Supplies needed: paint, water, paper, straw




Veggie Quesadillas – click here for recipe


Homemade Pasta – click here for recipe


Mac n’ Trees – click here for recipe


Chicken Bites – click here and here for recipe




Science of Flight –

Supplies needed: paper, scissors, bendy straw, giant paper clip


Magic Milk –

Supplies needed: milk, dish soap, food coloring, cotton swab, bowl


Bouncy Egg –

Supplies needed: distilled white vinegar, eggs, cup (note: this experiment takes 24 hours)


Catapult –

Supplies needed: 7-10 tongue depressors or popsicle sticks, rubber bands, something soft to launch

Solve the puzzles using exclusive Brain Chase gear.