Team Electives

Each team will select 3 electives, all of which are designed to be completed in a group setting, to participate in throughout our program. Plan to spend four total hours each week working on elective challenges.



Team Debate – If you choose the Debate elective, your students will organize into teams to tackle weekly problems. Together they’ll research the issues and build their arguments while the Guide prepares to moderate the discussion. Get ready for the sparks to fly!




Math – This one works best if team members each have access to their own computer or tablet. You’ll help each student get logged into their own (free!) student account on Khan Academy, then turn the team loose and log their collective math time. It’s personalized learning… in a group setting.




Art – Who says art isn’t a team event? Your artists will collaborate on a different masterpiece each week, then snap a photo and submit it to us for review. Get ready to get your hands messy! To see the current Team Art supply list, click here.




Theater – Curtains up! Each week, Brain Chase thespians will tackle a different theatrical challenge. They’ll try some improv, learn basic blocking, and even stage their own mini-productions. Send us a picture each week, along with a quick summary about the students’ experience. We can’t wait to cheer them on!




Team Service – Teams who choose the Service elective will participate in weekly group projects to improve our communities. Just take a picture of each service project in progress and tell us about your team’s experience. We’ll get back to you with feedback from Brain Chase headquarters. Let’s do some good!


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Team Music – This elective lets students unleash their inner rock star! Weekly challenges involve performing a lip dub, building percussion instruments, choreographing a dance routine, and more. They’ll then take a picture or record a short video of their work and upload it for Brain Chase musicians to review.


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Team Sports – This elective will get your students moving and working together as they participate in different athletic activities each week. You’ll need some open space – like a small field, gymnasium, or backyard, and a minimal amount of athletic gear. Log their time with each activity, then snap a picture and send it to us for feedback.




Reading – Break out the beanbags! If you select the Reading elective, your team will be required to drop everything and collectively read for a set amount of time each week. Just get them into some good books (we’ll provide plenty or age-appropriate recommendations!), and log the group reading time on your Guide Dashboard.


Questions about the team electives? Send us a note at