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Want to submit a video about summer learning loss or the Brain Chase Summer Learning challenge? We’d love to see it! We might even share it with the world. Send it to Here are some of our favorite user-generated clips so far:

Barton’s Lost Treasure (Fletcher’s adventure film, inspired by Brain Chase)


A Tale of Two Charlies – How to Eliminate Your “After-Summer Self”


See What Happens to a Brain WITHOUT Brain Chase

Anaya Struggles with Summer Boredom Until Her Mother Discovers Brain Chase


Akshay Describes the Brain Chase Summer Learning Challenge


Derek Explains How Brain Chase Can Fight Summer Learning Loss


Ian Adds a Mysterious Tone to His Description of Brain Chase

Nikita Compares Our Brains Before Summer and After Summer


Peyton & Sloane Explain Brain Chase


This is Your Brain Before Brain Chase. This is Your Brain After Brain Chase. ‘Nuff Said.


Where is the Globe of Magellan?  A Few Students at Acton Academy Think They Already Know…


The Lovely Mary Kate Wiles Vlogs About Her Experience Recording VoiceOvers for Mae Merriweather


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