The Story – The Globe of Magellan

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The Missing Adventurer

History knows few adventurers like Tate Grayson, gentleman explorer. His feats of strength, bravery, and intellect are unparalleled in the world of antiquities. It is said that Tate kept a secret treasure trove of invaluable artifacts accumulated over his lifetime, and that not even his nearest of kin knew its whereabouts. But the greater mystery is what became of the famed explorer, for one day Tate Grayson inexplicably disappeared, never to be seen again.

The Globe of Magellan

Just prior to his vanishing, Grayson was frequently spotted carrying one of his more intriguing finds, the Globe of Magellan. Originally used by the Portuguese explorer Magellan to circumnavigate the earth, the globe is said to be skillfully constructed of precious metals, with continents plated in pure gold. Many believe that the globe, if found, could yield important insights into the disappearance of its heroic owner.

The Team

Surviving Tate Grayson is his distinguished grandson, Henry Grayson. In order to continue his family’s prestigious work, Henry established the Grayson Academy of Antiquities – a well-financed team of tenacious treasure hunters comprised of intrepid leader Mae Merriweather, her tech-savvy brother Max and their athletic friend Sean Drake. Together they preserve Tate Grayson’s legacy by scouring the earth in search of priceless artifacts.

The Mission

When Henry gets word of a lost Tate Grayson diary, he sends Mae Merriweather and team on an international search for the legendary Globe of Magellan. Along the way, the Academy must crack difficult riddles and escape perilous traps, all while avoiding sabotage by rival fortune hunter, Savannah Brice. With any luck, the team will not only recover the globe, but also learn important clues about the mysterious disappearance of their hero.


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