An Engaging Summer Math Program

Stay sharp with math this summer—and even speed ahead. Brain Chase is a Summer Learning Challenge developed by parents to keep their own children learning and engaged while school is out. For six weeks, students complete online reading, writing, and math challenges to unlock exclusive animations containing clues to the location of a real buried treasure. Students get one guess every day, and the first one to guess correctly gets to hop on a plane and dig it up themselves.


Season One of Brain Chase begins at 9am Eastern on June 30, 2014. If you choose to compete, your math quest is to earn 10,000 energy points on the Khan Academy math website each week. 

On Day 1, you’ll log in to Khan Academy and see an empty Khan Academy Knowledge Map. Choose any math skill you want to prove you have mastered—from simple 1-digit addition all the way up to advanced Calculus—and get to work completing practice exercises. If you’re stuck, watch a Khan video, ask for a hint, or choose a simpler concept to tackle from the Knowledge Map.

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Summer Math Activities at Your Own Pace

As you work, Khan Academy tracks your “energy points.” This is a point system to measure how hard you’re working. You rack up points faster if you push the edge of your knowledge. They are not a measure of mastery or ability, but of effort.

Khan Academy is a free resource that anyone can use. We’ve chosen it for Season One of Brain Chase because it gives you complete control of your math adventure. Get ready to take on Khan Academy for a bold math challenge this summer.

Learn about the bonus challenges here.