Acton Children's Business Fair Entrepreneurship Challenge

Brain Chase and Acton Academy have teamed up to teach your students the ins and outs of successfully executing their own business. 

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The Acton Children’s Business Fair is excited to bring your student real-life business experience, an opportunity rarely experienced as a child. This unique elective will teach your student the basics of running a business, from budgeting to keeping inventory, to pricing and understanding profits and losses.

acton fairStudents will be given weekly business-oriented projects that will take about one hour each. At the end of each challenge, they will complete a journal entry, snap a picture, and upload both through our student dashboard.

The Brain Chase team will then review each student’s submission and respond with encouraging feedback within 24 hours.





  • Program provides unique challenges your student probably has not ever encountered.
  • The nature of understanding business requires your student to be challenged in math, organization, creativity, and so much more.


  • This challenge is recommended for our older participants (10 years old and up).
  • Students must wait for teacher feedback and approval before challenges are completed (up to 24 hrs).

For more information about the Acton Children’s Business Fair Entrepreneurship Challenge, email us at