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  • 2/17/20 – Week 2 will open at 12:00 pm EST today; the second room of week 2 will unlock tomorrow (2/18) at 9:00 am EST.
  • 2/12/20 – Both rooms for Week 1 are live!
  • 2/11/20 – We are still working on a few things, stay tuned!
  • 2/11/20 – Our clues are still being hidden, so we’re pushing back until 3:00 pm EST.
  • 2/11/20 – We are finishing up some important clues for week 1! We anticipate going live at 1:00 pm EST. Check back here for more updates.
  • 2/10/20 – Welcome to the Louvre! The Warmup Week is now live.
  • 2/8/20 – Congratulations to the Russo family! Click here for the full winner announcement…
  • 2/3/20 – The Bell of Frank Capra has been found. The solution will be announced later this week… stay tuned!




Escape Room Tips:

  • We strongly recommend using the latest versions of the Firefox, Chrome, and Safari web browsers. We do not recommend using Microsoft Edge or Explorer for the Escape Rooms.
  • Make the Escape Rooms bigger! Enlarge your screen to zoom in (Tablets and touch-screens: pinch the screen / PC: CNTRL + ‘+’/ Mac: CMMD + OPTION + ‘=’).
  • Returning after a previous Escape Room program? You might need to refresh your browser cache! Click here for instructions.
  • Using a tablet? It’s difficult to know what to click! For a change of view, use a desktop or laptop with a mouse. Every time the cursor hovers over a clickable item, the mouse icon will appear as a finger.
  • Whatever device you’re using, we highly recommend projecting the Escape Rooms on a big screen and involving others. Escaping is much more fun with friends!


General Resources:


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