• [At the] 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago…in the trick, Houdini would seemingly swallow a large quantity of sharp needles.
  • ┬áIn 1918, Houdini mounted his greatest show ever at the enormous New York Hippodrome. The highlight of the act was a 10,000-pound elephant named Jennie, who, even though the arena was brightly lit, seemingly vanished into thin air when Houdini fired a pistol.
  • Metamorphosis an illusion from early in Houdini’s career and he used to perform it with his wife, Bess. In the illusion, Houdini is bound before being put into a small crate that was then locked shut. Bess would then stand atop the crate and pull a curtain up to cover her from the view of the audience, when she dropped the curtain though, Bess was no longer there and instead it was Houdini.
  • Houdini would stage “bridge jumps” as publicity stunts for his shows. On some occasions, Houdini would be handcuffed and then jump off a bridge in front of a large number of spectators into a river below, and then quickly surface to show how quickly he could escape from handcuffs.
  • Houdini would be placed into a large metal milk can that was full of milk…and then the lid was padlocked shut. A screen was placed in front of the can and after what seemed like much too much time for the magician to hold his breath, the curtain was removed to reveal a soaking wet Houdini now free of the milk can.
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