Library Programs

At Brain Chase, we love libraries! We have a special library offering for summer programming. For $700, Brain Chase will give you unlimited access to online learning dashboards all summer long to host one-of-a-kind adventures for your students.

  • Brain Chase programs can be run virtually or in-person.
  • Each dashboard consists of one escape room theme, 3 learning activities (electives), and an interactive map for students to guess the location of hidden treasures.
  • Tech requirements: laptops or Chromebooks are preferred. Zoom-Pro account preferred if hosting virtually.
  • Our ever-expanding menu of escape room themes are all educational and work great with supplemental reading, mini-lessons, and festive decor!
  • Work with our tech team to customize each of your programs and receive as many student logins and guide (counselor) logins as you need.
  • Set your own schedule. These dashboards work well in week-long summer camp format (3-5 hours per day of activities), or spread out to match whatever scheduling needs you have.
  • White label your dashboards to have your library’s logo featured.
  • Receive all training materials from Brain Chase and receive ongoing tech support.
  • Contact with inquiries, to set up a call, and/or to request a demo.


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