Official Challenge Contest Rules – Escape Room Tournament


Overview. The “Escape Room Tournament” (Tournament) is an extension of the Brain Chase Monthly Escape Room Challenges, and is subject to all of the same Challenge Contest Rules. Please review these rules carefully.

In the Tournament, thirty-five semi-finalists will be selected from among the monthly program participants. These semi-finalist households will then be invited to compete in a Semi-Final Round, from which five finalist households will be selected. The five finalist households will then be invited to compete in an in-person, Final Round for a Grand Prize.

Semi Final Round. During each monthly program inclusive of September 2021 – March 2022, five winning households will be identified as Semi-Finalists, for a total of thirty-five Semi-Finalists. Each household may only qualify once to advance to the Semi-Finals. The first five eligible participants in each program who correctly identify the treasure’s location within a two-mile radius will qualify as Semi-Finalists, provided no one from their household has already qualified. The Semi-Final Round of the Tournament, an online Escape Room challenge similar to the other monthly programs, will occur in April 2022. Only qualifying Semi-Finalists will participate.

Final Round. The first five Semi Finalist households to correctly identify the treasure’s location in the Semi-Final Round will be advanced to the Final Round of the Tournament. The Final Round will take place in-person in May 2022 (covid-permitting) at a location which will be announced hereafter. In the event that a Finalist is unable to travel or attend the Final Round in person, a different Finalist will be selected.

The Final Round will be an in-person, physical Escape Room Challenge. Each Finalist (student) will be allowed to bring two friends or family members with them into the Escape Room in the Final Round. Each Finalist team will be timed as they complete a physical escape room challenge. The Finalist with the fastest completion time, as determined by independent judges, will win the Grand Prize. In the event of a tie, participants will compete in additional in-person Escape Room challenges until a winner is identified.

The Finalists will be responsible for all travel arrangements. There arrangements include, but are not limited to transportation, accommodations, meals, tips, local, state, federal and foreign taxes, insurance (including travel insurance) and all other expenses associated with travelling to the Final Round of the Tournament. Finalists will also be responsible for travel authorizations, including obtaining passports and visas, if necessary, and travel insurance. Finalists represent that they understand that travel, whether in developed or remote areas and whether by plane, automobile, boat, raft, or other conveyance, or by foot, on land or water, and in the air, contains some inherent element of risk of accident, illness, injury, loss or death, which may be caused by negligence, forces of nature, wild animals or other agencies, known or unknown. Finalists represent that they recognize that such risks may be present at any time before, during and after the trip. In order to be considered a Finalist, participants must be willing to accept the risk, and hereby confirm their acceptance of such risk. Finalists are responsible for obtaining all necessary vaccinations, if any, prior to the Trip. 

Grand Prize. The Grand Prize of the 2021-2022 Escape Room Tournament is $5,000.00 USD.