Power Park Fitness Challenge

We’ve enlisted the help of a real-life American Ninja Warrior to help your student get active, stronger, and healthier!


DavidMeet David Yarter, a three-time contender on NBC’s American Ninja Warrior, SGX-certified Trainer, and owner of Power Park Fitness in San Antonio, Texas. David will take your student on a fitness adventure unlike any they will encounter anywhere else. In addition to the physical challenges, David will challenge your student to improve nutrition and other habits that will assist in enhanced overall well-being. Students will report back to us through their dashboard about their experiences. Parents or teachers will log your student’s exercise minutes on your dashboard, then the students will write about their fitness journey for the week.



  • This elective is FUN! Students will love getting stronger, more flexible, and healthier as they work with David to complete these challenges.
  • This program is tough, which means your student will learn to push through barriers and gain confidence as they do things they couldn’t do before.
  • You’ll have 8-weeks access to a personal trainer.
  • Parents and other family members can easily participate in and benefit from the weekly challenges along with their student.


  • This is one of our most time-intensive electives. Your child will dedicate 30-60 minutes a week to fitness.
  • power park fitness logoAs with any fitness program, it may not be suitable for all students, depending on their health status. If you have concerns about your child’s participation, you should consult his or her physician before beginning the fitness challenge.

For more information about the Power Park Fitness Challenge, watch the video below or email us at info@brainchase.com.