Escape Rooms for After-School Programs

Bring your After-School program into the 21st century with a Brain Chase Adventure

Escape room for after-school

Brain Chase pairs academic learning with virtual escape rooms, hidden clues and decoder rings where in order to escape, you have to learn!  Brain Chase is ideal for after-school programs to:

  • Use 21st century skills to solve the puzzle of how to escape a virtual Escape Rooms.
  • Makes learning fun in a creative, hands-on and exploratory way
  • Reinforce math, literacy and writing skills
  • Explore different interests

Escape Adventure with our without Learning

Your school can choose to do a Brain Chase Escape Adventure with or without elective learning.  If you schools wants to add on elective learning, the topics include: Math, Photography, Engineering, Cooking, Art, Writing, Reading, Book Club, Music Practice, Yoga, Fitness, Study Hall and Service.

  • With the Individual option, students select their own electives and complete the challenges at their own pace. Each student would need access to a computer and whatever supplies required for their specific electives. We provide a list of supplies, so they can be purchased ahead and in bulk.  Students turn in their assignments using the Student Dashboard. Your teachers approve the submissions using our Teacher Dashboard and can see what progress all the students are making in the program. Parents have their own dashboard to see the student’s work and progress too.
  • With the Team Option, the electives are the same for the whole team and once the team comStudent Dashboard for Online Academic Escape Roompletes the weekly challenges, it unlocks the Escape Room with its hidden clues. Your teacher grades all the team submissions off-line and enters their completion into the Dashboard to move to the next Escape Room.  Team Challenge Electives include Debate, Theater, Service, Art, Music, Sports, Reading, Math.  We provide content for all of these, but you can choose to use your own assignments/ideas as well.

If you school opts to just do the Escape Adventure, students will still be learning as they search for clues in virtual museums, websites and books.

What You Get With Your School License

Your school would receive up to a login to our student dashboard (seen at right) where students would access the virtual escape rooms, any learning challenges and bonus challenges.  Your license would include:

  • 4 months of escape room adventures
  • 5 decoders per location (virtual decoders are given to every student)
  • Any elective learning you choose to do (up to 3 electives per student)
  • The ability to approve your students work so they can continue through the system if they miss for some reason
  • The ability to purchase via PO

We’ve been featured in the NY Times, Fast Company, HGTV among others and our development team includes Harvard grads and professional film animators.

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