An Escape Room Summer Camp


Complete challenges.
Find clues.
Unearth $5,000.


“It was an 11 on a 1 to 10 scale.”

-Mr. Dommert, Brain Chase Dad


How it works:

  1. Complete weekly learning challenges.
  2. Unlock clues to the buried treasure’s location.
  3. Use the clues to find the treasure. The first student to discover the treasure wins a trip to dig it up and a $10,000 scholarship!

The next Brain Chase Summer Program begins:

June 17, 2019

Enrollment is Limited.

See how this family solved the clues and unearthed the treasure:


See some Brain Chase Electives:


“In the course of the 5 week camp, Abby basically completed 60% of a year’s worth of math.”

-Brain Chase Parent


See full the story below



Where is Brain Chase Youth Summer Camp Located?

Brain Chase headquarters is located in Austin, TX, but the summer camp starts right in your home. No need to travel to start your adventure. You just need an internet connection and a mailing address to get set up and start receiving academic activities and clues.  You will use our interactive map to track down the treasure’s location.


Who can participate?

Any pre-college student between the ages of 6-16, who are residents of the State of Texas as of June 17, 2019, are eligible to win.


How much does Brain Chase Youth Summer Camp Cost? 

Our 7-week summer camp starts at just $79/student. Elective upgrades are available for an additional cost.


What kind of learning will happen during the camp?

We offer 18 different subjects, from reading and math to cooking and fitness. Your student will select three of them to focus on and complete weekly challenges throughout the program. In addition to the electives, we give your student weekly bonus challenges in additional subjects like astronomy, cartography, and chemistry. And because this is a treasure hunt, they will learn volumes about history, geography, archaeology, and more.


What other challenges does Brain Chase offer?

In addition to the Brain Chase Youth Summer Camp, we offer fall and spring after-school camps for students ages 6-16.

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