New: Brain Chase Escape Rooms
The world's first monthly escape room competition for families and kids.

Families that play together...

Take Game Night to the next level with a global Escape Room competition! Each month, you'll log in to a new adventure filled with six escape rooms worth of twists, turns, and challenges. But you'd better hurry, because a crisp $100 bill is waiting for the first person or team to solve each mystery!

The puzzles should each take 1-2 hours to complete - and they're perfect for game night, family night, lazy afternoons, or anytime you or your kids are looking for adventure.


Program Pricing

There are three subscription options (and you can change anytime!)

Virtual Only: $19.99/mo. You'll have access to the Escape Rooms, you'll be eligible for the monthly $100 prize, and you'll receive one login to the Summer Treasure Hunt (but you won't be eligible to win).

Subscription Box: $29.99/mo. You'll not only receive monthly Escape Room access, but you'll get a package every month containing decoders, compasses, and other adventure tools to aid you in the puzzle. You'll also receive one login for the Summer Treasure Hunt, with full grand-prize eligibility.

Learning Electives: $39.99/mo. Supercharge your monthly program by adding mix-and-match access to a full suite of education electives and challenges for kids, grownups, and families. You'll also receive the Escape Rooms, monthly subscription boxes, and one login for the Summer Treasure Hunt with full grand-prize elibility.


Solving the Puzzle

Each month, you'll receive two new missions: escape fom something, and find something. As you solve each room, you'll advance through the game - but along the way, you'd better keep your eyes peeled for other clues and hints to the location of the missing artifact.

There's no prize for the first to complete the escape rooms, but $100 awaits the first participant (team, family, or individual) who successfully locates the missing artifact on the Map Page. You'll get one guess every 24 hours, and you can track everyone's guesses on the Master Leaderboard.


Practicing for the Big One...

There will be no Escape Rooms offered during June, July or August. Instead, all subscribers will be automatically enrolled into the Brain Chase Summer Treasure Hunt!

Instead of interactive rooms, you'll see film clips or animations each week. You'll also be required to complete learning electives in order to advance each week. But the stakes are also higher (for eligible participants); one Grand Prize winner will travel around the world to dig up the buried treasure, along with a $5,000 scholarship. Five other $1,000 scholarships will be rewarded to the next five runners-up.