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What Is Brain Chase?

Brain Chase is a 6-week summer learning challenge disguised as a massive global treasure hunt for 2nd−8th graders. A golden globe has been buried somewhere on earth – and it contains the key to a safe deposit box holding a $10,000 college scholarship fund. Participants who complete an hour of online summer learning activities each day will unlock secret animated webisodes that hold the clues to the globe’s whereabouts. Guess the treasure’s location first, and you’ll be the one on a plane to dig it up.

Enrollment is limited to the first 5,000 entrants.

The Brain Chase Path See How The Chase Works

Why It Works

You spend 10 months of every year in school, but much of that hard work likely vanishes during summer break. Who wants to do boring worksheets when school’s out? Brain Chase is a summer enrichment program that’s FUN. Action-packed animations, mysterious packages in the mail, and the hunt for buried treasure turn learning into an adventure. It’s FLEXIBLE. You’ll do the challenge when you want, where you want, and at your own pace. And it’s CUSTOMIZED. You get to work at your own level.

Understand the Learning
"Online learning helps students get ahead. Brain Chase is the perfect motivator during the summer." Susan Patrick
CEO, International Association for K-12 Online Learning


Expect to conquer four subjects each week: reading, writing, math, and a bonus subject. For reading, you’ll read for at least 15 minutes per day, choosing from over 6,100 books in the myON digital library. For writing, you’ll submit weekly journal entries, which our credentialed teachers will review. For math, your goal is to earn 10,000 energy points on the Khan Academy website each week. For the bonus subject, your challenge is a surprise that varies weekly. You will need a high speed internet connection to complete this adventure.

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