4 Ways to Keep Your Kids Off of Screens This Summer


Keeping kids of all ages off of screens is a challenge. However, Brain Chase is an online summer learning program that can help keep kids engaged and learning while minimizing screen time. Here are four ways Brain Chase will keep your kids off of screens this summer.


  1. Offline Projects: Yes, Brain Chase delivers content virtually, but kids are required to complete OFFLINE challenges and hands-on activities in order to advance. One-hour projects in engineering, science, art, cooking, entrepreneurship, photography, gardening, and others will keep the kids away from mindless screening.
  2. Physical Challenges: Choose the Fitness, Martial Arts, or Yoga challenge, and your kids will be tackling daily and/or weekly physical challenges that get their blood flowing and their heart rates up. You’ll keep them moving and active, reducing their screen time and promoting a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Packages in the Mail: Opt to receive the Adventure Tools, and you’ll receive a metal decoder ring, brass compass, and secret seeds (plant them, and a secret message appears on the leaves when they grow. True story!). These tools will not only help your kids solve the mystery, but will keep them busy writing codes and treasure hunts of their own for hours on end.
  4. Collaborative Problem-Solving: Each Brain Chase program is centered on the search for a missing treasure or artifact. These treasure hunts are difficult to solve, and best attempted in teams with family members or friends. This encourages children to work together and collaborate, spending hours pouring over their notes and clues instead of passively lounging with their phones.


We recognize the irony of developing an ONLINE program to help kids stay OFFLINE. But that’s exactly what Brain Chase is – an hands-on program delivered via the web. Brain Chase is great tool for keeping kids off of screens this summer. With its hands-on projects, fitness challenges, adventure tools, and collaborative treasure hunt, kids will stay engaged and learning without turning to their phones.