Month: March 2015

How Things Are Made

Have you ever wondered how potato chips are made?  Sure, you slice a potato and fry it.  That’s an easy one. But how about pretzels?  Or tea?  Guitars?  Motorcycles?  Crayons?  Baseball bats?  They’re all made the same way: in a factory. Last year one of my friends took her family on a factory-and-museum road trip up the east coast.  […]

Brain Foolery #FunFindFriday

As a dedicated prankster in my youth, I made sure to plan my April Fools’ pranks weeks in advance. Setting my siblings’ alarms for 3:30 AM? Totally. Flour in the hairdryer? Old hat. Wearing…clothing backwards? Yep, I was that kid. Eventually, I grew out of the dime-store pranks and settled into online trickery for my […]

The Kid Should See This

Every once in a while, I’m stopped in my tracks while working or surfing online and I say to myself, “My kids have got to see this.” Something about the wonder of a video, the mind-blowing beauty of an image or sound, or the sheer coolness of a fact or graphic drives me to want […]

Everything Is Interesting #FunFindFriday

Sometimes we all need a jump start. A leap into the right direction, or any direction at all. That’s just where I was when I came across a mystical little book enticingly titled “How to Be an Explorer of the World.” Big promises, right? I was skeptical myself…and then I looked inside. The word “book” […]