Summer Learning

Winners of the 2019 Summer Bake-Off

Congratulations to Honour King, winner of the Summer 2019 Brain Chase Bake-Off!   Honour delivered a top-notch baked good each week, from her amazing “margarita pizza” cookies to her beautiful ”diversity cake.” She won the weekly prize for her gorgeous cherry blossom cupcakes, but for each project, she clearly put a lot of thought into […]

Is Brain Chase Worth the Price?

Amongst my friends and family, I have a reputation for being fiscally conscious. Some may even go so far as to label me cheap. However, I believe that these friends misunderstand my principals. It is not that I am a penny pincher, I am just unwilling to part with my hard earned money unless I […]

Does a Complete After-school and Summer Program Exist?

There are countless after-school and summer programs out there. But which one will best prepare your child for success in life? 21st Century Learning Educational Framework 21st Century Learning, a leading nation-wide partner of after-school programs, has created a framework that breaks learning down into four major categories: 1. Key Subjects, 2. Learning & Innovation Skills, 3. Information, Media & Technology Skills, […]