Winners of the 2019 Summer Bake-Off

Congratulations to Honour King, winner of the Summer 2019 Brain Chase Bake-Off!


Honour delivered a top-notch baked good each week, from her amazing “margarita pizza” cookies to her beautiful ”diversity cake.” She won the weekly prize for her gorgeous cherry blossom cupcakes, but for each project, she clearly put a lot of thought into her plan and executed it beautifully. I would totally sell her tropical fruit tart at Tart Shop! For her attention to detail, her creativity, and her intelligent approach, she wins the first-ever Brain Chase Bake-Off, and takes home a $100 gift certificate to Williams Sonoma. Congratulations!


We don’t have tiered awards, but if we did, Nancy Long would have won a close second. She took home the prize in Week One for her awesome “baked potato” cookies, and her work was seriously considered for each weekly prize. Her ice cream cupcakes were a real stand-out, and her gorgeous chocolate cherry layer cake was truly ready for prime time.


Extra love to Kaydee and Elsa for being on the younger side and being SO exuberant (check out Kaydee’s layer cake and Elsa’s Africa cupcakes!!), and to Anna for really knocking it out of the park on a consistent basis. I would sell her berry tart at Tart Shop, I would eat her chocolate zucchini bread all day long, and I simply loved her “Thanksgiving in June” cupcakes.


A shout out to Lyric and Damien for the creativity and joy they brought to each project. I would happily sell Lyric’s chocolate hazelnut tart at Tart Shop; ditto with Damien’s kiwi lime tart. Bravo!


Nadine’s teaberry cake was lovely, and her s’mores tart showed some amazing out-of-the-box thinking. I bet it was delicious!


Everyone did a super job, and most importantly, you all looked like you were having a blast. Hopefully you learned a thing or two as well. I know we did!


Keep up the amazing baking!

Ms. Abigail
Bake-Off Judge