Month: November 2016

Change Your Child’s Life. Teach Gratitude.

Do your children need a pick-me-up in the attitude department? Could they use boost in academic performance? Help them recognize all they have to be thankful for in life.  BENEFITS OF GRATITUDE For those who consciously make gratitude a focus in their daily lives, the benefits are wide-spread. A study performed on over 1,000 high-school students revealed that […]

All about Sundials

Get ready to time travel. Our next bonus challenge is taking to you waaaaaay back in time…like, 3500 years back. Students should have received their third adventure tool in the mail this week – a sundial. SUNDIAL HISTORY 101 For those of us who tend to run perpetually late in life, a time without clocks […]

Fun with Money

  This week, you’re going to make a little money for your Brain Chase efforts. We’re sending you coins – real-life, actual coins. Basically, we’re paying you to have fun!     WHY ARE YOU SENDING US MONEY?  You’re going to need your coins, so don’t spend them or lose them! Our bonus challenge this week […]