Month: March 2016

10 Reasons Why Everyone Needs a Decoder Ring

We all remember the breathless anticipation with which Ralphie awaited the delivery of his secret decoder ring in A Christmas Story. And we’ll never forget his moment of soul-crushing, swear-inducing disappointment when “Annie’s secret message” turned out to be no more than an advertising gimmick. But we haven’t heard much about decoder rings since. Did this […]

You’re Getting Warmer…

As you might imagine, it’s quite fun to be the Chief Adventure Officer at Brain Chase. One of the perks is watching all of the writing journals, artistic masterpieces, and feats of engineering pour in (honestly, parents – this is equally adorable and inspiring). Another perk is seeing Mae Merriweather’s animations come together frame-by-frame. But […]

A Green Thumb in a Virtual World

Did you elect to receive Adventure Tools? If so, check your mailboxes this week! Mae Merriweather is sending Brain Chase participants some seeds to plant in the hopes of discovering a critical secret message. It’s time for the students to log off and get their hands dirty – literally – to tackle this week’s Bonus Challenge. If your […]

Getting Lost in Space

  There’s nothing quite like sleeping out under the open sky and searching for constellations, watching shooting stars, and contemplating the vastness of the Universe. The stars don’t seem quite as bright to me and my children now that we live in the city, but thankfully there’s Google Sky – an online tool that lets […]