Month: May 2015

A Newbery Book Club

In June 1921, Frederic G. Melcher, editor of Publisher’s Weekly and a longtime advocate of children’s literacy, petitioned the Children’s Librarians’ Section of the ALA (American Library Association) to create an annual children’s book award. The librarians loved the idea, and together with Melcher, they founded the Newbery Medal*, the first children’s book award in […]

Eye on Elegance

When you think of Washington, D.C., a few things probably come to mind. Definitely government: the Capitol, White House, Cabinet offices, federal agencies, and embassies all reside here. Next, memorials: gorgeous, majestic, symbolic creations can be found all over the city that pay homage to major events and figures in American history. But after that, […]

Offline Learning for Online Kids

One parent recently wrote us a note suggesting that students should ditch summer screen time in favor of spending some quality time outdoors. Bravo! As a father of five young children, I could not agree more! Qualitative feedback from last year suggests that Brain Chase participants spend significantly fewer summer hours on television and video […]