Month: April 2014

My First Buried Treasure

  That was definitely a first for me. Last week, Heather and I put a heavy, round metal object through Austin airport security (it was actually ticking – I’m not kidding) and boarded a plane to [an undisclosed, amazing destination], and buried it in the earth. Then we played for a couple of days and […]

Practice Makes Perfect – Even In The Summer

  Ernst Friedrich Schumacher, an influential economist and thinker in the first half of the twentieth century, wrote that “An ounce of practice is generally worth more than a ton of theory.” Although he may be referring to economic theory and application, I think his words have a much broader meaning. I am not sure […]

Don’t Fall Victim to the “Summer Slide”

  My three children love slides. They find something liberating about dropping quickly from a high altitude and whooshing to the bottom. My children have even discovered how sliding down on a piece of wax paper can actually make the whole experience faster. The “Summer Slide” is also a metaphor that refers to the amount […]